I went to take my dog for a walk along theThames towpath and as we were going down the wide steps onto the towpath next to the marina I saw all these mountain bikes flashing by. Apparently this mountain bike race had been going on since about 6.00 am and there were hundreds of them. I got back at around 10.00 am and it was still going on.I cannot believe it s to do with the cycle race going on around Guildford as I believe those bikes are racing bikes. I hadn't seen any notices or signs regarding this particular race. What does annoy me apart from the obvious is their annoyance about us being on the towpath. I wish cyclists were aware that pedestrians have the right of way on the towpath. The number of tuts and loud groans we heard while we were trying to negotiate our path.In my opinion I do not think it is fair to have bike races along the towpath, it is not a road, it is narrow and virtually stops any pedestrians from using it.

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