I have a chain of technologies, where each of them has the upgrade = true tag.I was testing something and wanted to un-research one of the technologies. so I used a command like to un-research the first in the chain. (god knows why I unresearched the first one in the list).As a result, all of them disappeared from the technology list completely. (In this specific case, it was the inventory research in boblogistics, it's when I was trying to repeat the issues with associated player entities not being upgraded).Although this isn't something that you should see in a normal situation, I can definitely see it as something that could happen if you uninstall a mod (deletes the technology progress for it) and then re-add it, when there's a second mod that you didn't remove that adds in technologies after it.(I do have mods that add in technology in a way where though could happen. Assembling machines adds tech that comes after tech in Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates, and it is also a mod that can be used independent of it, so it could be possible to research everything from both, delete plates and continue your game, then decide you want plates back and re-add it in to end up in this situation).In this specific situation, what I would expect to see is the final technology researched as normal, anything that comes after it available as normal, and the initial unresearched technology also available to research. As mentioned the current result is that the entire chain is missing.

Please help.

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